Education Grant Recipient: Cheikh Dieng

"At the Giants of Africa camp I learned that practice makes perfect, and that hard work, dedication and perseverance are essential to achieving success." - Cheikh Dieng

Volunteer Grant Recipient: Aita Ndaiye

"The Giants Of Africa camps have impacted my life, helping me develop leadership skills." - Aita Ndaiye

Education Grant Recipient: Husna Puzza

"Basketball and life skills lessons have helped me open the minds of the youth and the community at large." - Husna Puzza

Basketball Grant Recipient: Joseph Chukwuebuka Uzor

"I honestly don't know where I would've been without basketball. Basketball saved my life. For me, it's a beacon of hope. Hope for unlimited possibilities." - Joseph Chukwuebuka Uzor

Basketball Grant Recipient: Brian Ziruel

“Basketball represents hope. Hope for a better community, a better life and a better tomorrow.” - Brian Ziruel

Content Creator Grant Recipient: Derick Ochieng

“Ever since the camp, I realized I had so much potential in myself that was unnoticeable before.” Derick Ochieng