Volunteers are an integral part of keeping communities grounded and connected. Aita recognizes the significance of volunteering and the influence she has when assisting and mentoring local youth at basketball programs in Senegal.

“I participated in basketball camps that allowed me to pass on my experience to the new generation. This scholarship will motivate me to take bigger steps in my career,” said Aita. 

Aita’s love for basketball started at age 12 when she joined a local basketball program. It taught her teamwork and leadership skills which propelled her to work harder and earn multiple basketball scholarships.

Her commitment to making a difference gave her the opportunity to speak about the necessity of using basketball to inspire kids in Africa with both Giants of Africa co-founder Masai Ujiri and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2020 while in Dakar.

“In 5 years, I would like to see my community with a radical change of mind. I believe that development in Africa needs to happen now, said Aita.

The Giants of Africa team is proud of Aita’s contributions and determination to share her experience with her community. We look forward to hearing more about her accomplishments. 

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