The Film

Giants of Africa Is A Film That Tells The Story Of A Movement That Began 13 Years Ago

At the core of this film is the notion of using basketball as a tool to create lasting change and to empower others to dream big, while growing the game in Africa. A native of Nigeria, Masai Ujiri’s love for basketball paved his way to becoming the first African- born General Manager for a major North American sports team and he never forgot his roots, or the opportunities presented to him.

Inspired by the NBA’s “Basketball Without Borders” program, Giants of Africa exists to create those same opportunities for not only African youth, but also for coaches and mentors who go back to their own homeland to influence future generations. What began simply as a basketball camp in one African country has now spread across four nations: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. With 50-60 campers in each country, we learn about the journey that brought them to Giants of Africa. Stories range from inspiring to heartbreaking as we witness the struggle the continent of Africa faces, through the eyes of its youth. Their zest for life in Africa shines through despite their struggles. Through it all, we see young men realizing their strength and potential through the game of basketball.