When our Giants of Africa team leaves the countries where we’ve unveiled basketball courts or hosted skill development camps, we carry back the joy, encouragement and inspiration that radiates from all of the young men and women that have participated. The greetings and warm, welcoming nature of all the local communities have made us feel at home.

In March of 2022, Giants of Africa (GOA) created the Content Creator Grant in support of alumni that would like the opportunity to express their creativity further and inspire their online community. We recognize that the social space is transforming and there are many advantages, such as working in the field of communications and arts, to building a social media presence. We are eager to assist at all levels and methods of learning as well as provide mentorship and tools to further their social media expertise.

Amongst the strong group of applicants, Derick Ochieng’s story resonated with the GOA team because of his passion to help other children in his community. He hopes to use basketball as a resource for motivating youth that would like to pursue basketball in Kenya, just like he has.

“I’ve always wished to have an opportunity to create content that can be really motivational in helping young youths through sports(basketball)”, said Ochieng. “Ever since the camp I realized I had so much potential in myself that was unnoticeable before, and this potential has really helped me to be a better person in life by being hardworking, disciplined and not giving up in life achieving goals.”

We are proud to support Derick on his journey through this grant and look forward to sharing his experience across all of our social media accounts.

@dwaynederick @giantsofafrica

Basketball Grant Recipient: Brian Ziruel

“Basketball represents hope. Hope for a better community, a better life and a better tomorrow.” - Brian Ziruel