The Giants of Africa team’s experiences in the countries where we have introduced basketball courts and facilitated skill development camps have been nothing short of remarkable. We leave these places with a sense of joy, encouragement, and inspiration, thanks to the incredible young men and women who have participated in our programs.

In March 2022, Giants of Africa unveiled a brand-new initiative aimed at supporting our alumni’s creativity and passion for inspiring their online community. The Content Creator Grant was created to empower young people to explore the social media world and we are excited to offer mentorship and provide the tools necessary to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

After receiving an impressive number of applications, Derick Ochieng’s story stood out to the GOA team due to his remarkable drive to inspire and empower children in his community. He is committed to using basketball as a means of motivating young people to pursue their dreams, just as he has done. With the support of the Content Creator Grant, Derick can bring his vision to life and help countless children in Kenya realize their full potential.

“I’ve always wished to have an opportunity to create content that can be really motivational in helping young youths through sports(basketball)”, said Ochieng. “Ever since the camp, I realized that I had so much potential in myself that was unnoticeable before, and this potential has really helped me to be a better person in life by being hardworking, disciplined and never giving up.”

We are proud to support Derick on his journey and look forward to sharing his experience across social media.

@dwaynederick @giantsofafrica

Education Grant Recipient: Cheikh Dieng

"At the Giants of Africa camp I learned that practice makes perfect, and that hard work, dedication and perseverance are essential to achieving success." - Cheikh Dieng

Volunteer Grant Recipient: Aita Ndaiye

"The Giants Of Africa camps have impacted my life, helping me develop leadership skills." - Aita Ndaiye

Education Grant Recipient: Husna Puzza

"Basketball and life skills lessons have helped me open the minds of the youth and the community at large." - Husna Puzza