Husna Puzza is a college student that studies Information and Communication Technology in Tanzania. In her Maasai community, she uses the lessons she has learned through basketball to coach, host clinics, and encourage more discussions about the importance of education for young girls.

“By having strong opinions towards community problems like early marriage and female circumcision I was able to advocate some solutions for these cultural problems by conducting basketball clinics and educating the youth and the community members. Basketball and life skills lessons have helped me open the minds of the youth and the community at large,” said Husna.   

Husna remembers the significant impact that Masai Ujiri had on her as a young camper and continues to be inspired by Giants of Africa’s motto, “Dream Big.” Because of the meaningful work that she does in her community, her dedication to continuing her education, and her desire to encourage young girls to realize their boundless potential, she was awarded the Giants of Africa Alumni Education Grant.

Masai Ujiri’s life story has motivated me. He has inspired me not to give up on challenges because they are the doors to success. This point has been the key to my success in life and in my studies,” stated Husna. 

Today Husna continues to pursue her education, and the grant has assisted her with transportation, purchasing textbooks, food, clothing and other necessities. It has helped her concentrate on education without having to worry about day-to-day necessities.

Giants of Africa looks forward to seeing where Husna’s education takes her and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

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