Giants of Africa: Summer Tour 2022

The GOA Summer Tour 2022 was memorable and we are motivated to contribute to programming and court building across Africa. 


September 21, 2022

The GOA Summer Tour 2022 was memorable, and we are motivated to contribute to many communities across Africa. 

The vision continues to educate youth about the fundamentals of basketball and character development, so they can use the skills to DREAM BIG and aspire to think beyond the sport. We are dedicated to creating courts that will give opportunities that will further inspire and uplift various communities.

This summer we were able to create our first camp experience in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and witnessed the talent of the brightest basketball players in the community thanks to the support of I AM GOLD. It was also our very first time hosting a camp in Cotonou, Benin at the EYA Community Center. It was a great opportunity to see the passion and commitment of the young campers as they learned skills to improve their technique on the court. Our last stop was in the Democratic Republic of Congo where we hosted a basketball camp in Kinshasa and revealed a new court in Mbuji-Mayi, the home village of Dikembe Mutombo, at the Samuel Mutombo Institute of Science. The GOA team worked hard to ensure that everything was prepared for our 15th court under our Built Within initiative and we greatly appreciate the support of our partners at the Jess and Scott Lake Foundation that helped us to make this possible. 

Click the links below to explore the GOA visual experience of the camps and court unveiling.


Burkina Faso

Democratic Republic of Congo

Mbuji-Mayi Court Reveal

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