2024 Grant Program Winners

Community Outreach

Jalilu Amadu, Ghana, Class of 2018


Sheldon Ouma, Kenya, Class of 2016

Gabriel Effangha, Nigeria, Class of 2021


Judith Pantaleo, Kenya, Class of 2019

Marc-Antoine Konan, Ivory Coast, Class of 2023

Content Creator

Aaron Luvisia, Kenya, Class of 2017

Basketball Program

Nelious Mbugeni, Tanzania, Class of 2019

Riche Die Kabore, Burkina Faso, Class of 2023

Grant Program

Launched in 2021, the GOA Alumni Grant Program encourages our alumni to create change within their own lives and communities as they walk the path to becoming future leaders.


Giants of Africa knows that youth can create lasting, meaningful change in their communities. This grant will support alumni in bringing a community-focused initiative to life. Whether it is organizing a local food drive or hosting a youth empowerment event, the goal of the initiative must have a positive impact on their local community.




Giants of Africa understands the importance of education as a contributor to personal growth and success. In our ongoing efforts to make education more accessible to youth on the continent, Giants of Africa is providing alumni with grants that will assist in furthering their education. The grant funds can be used towards required expenses such as education tuition fees, required textbooks and supplies.




Bringing communities together is critical to the success of the work we do at Giants of Africa. This grant will allow the selected alum to unite their online community and foster their creativity by providing them with access to key social media tools, best practices, and mentorship. The grant funds can be used towards social media content creation related expenses.




Giants of Africa believes that life experiences are a big part of education, and as such will be offering alumni an opportunity to work alongside GOA coaches and staff at the Giants of Africa Festival in Kigali, Rwanda.  The chosen individual will learn the importance of hard work, teamwork, leadership, punctuality, and much more.




Hosting basketball camps and skills development for youth across the continent has always been at the core of Giants of Africa’s mission to activate, educate and unite African youth. This grant will provide funding for alumni to develop and host their own basketball camp, tournament or program in their community.



Previous Grant Winners


Community Outreach

Ibrahim Abdulkadir, Nigeria, Class of 2018

Evaline Mollel, Tanzania, Class of 2019


Caleb Oladdpo, Nigeria, Class of 2022

Seydina Mohamed Seye, Senegal, Class of 2018


Lino Wol, South Sudan, Class of 2015

Content Creator

Mame Fatou Toure Konare, Senegal, Class of 2016

Basketball Program

Albertho Kigoye, Tanzania, Class of 2019

Zourfaou Garba, Benin, Class of 2022


Myrah Oloo, Kenya, Class of 2019

Aita Ndiaye, Senegal, Class of 2017


Community Outreach

Myrah Oloo, Kenya, Class of 2019

Husna Abdallah, Tanzania, Class of 2018


Husna Puzza, Tanzania, Class of 2019

Cheikh Dieng, Senegal, Class of 2016


Aita Ndiaye, Senegal, Class of 2017

Content Creator

Derick Ochieng, Kenya, Class of 2017

Basketball Program

Brian Ziruel, Tanzania, Class of 2018

Joseph Uzor, Nigeria, Class of 2009 & 2010



Rwema Patrick, Rwanda, Class of 2013

Allan Mwandawiro, Kenya, Class of 2016

Eric Shema, Rwanda, Class of 2018



John Owhe, Nigeria, Class of 2010

Catherine Mollel, Tanzania, Class of 2019


Pay It Forward

Georgia Mulindwa, Tanzania, Class of 2019

Kaelo Tibe, Botswana, Class of 2016

D’jeka Ilunga Gloire, Ivory Coast, Class of 2018


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Alumni Stories

Education Grant Recipient: Cheikh Dieng

"At the Giants of Africa camp I learned that practice makes perfect, and that hard work, dedication and perseverance are essential to achieving success." - Cheikh Dieng

Volunteer Grant Recipient: Aita Ndaiye

"The Giants Of Africa camps have impacted my life, helping me develop leadership skills." - Aita Ndaiye

Education Grant Recipient: Husna Puzza

"Basketball and life skills lessons have helped me open the minds of the youth and the community at large." - Husna Puzza