Giants of Africa: Winter Tour 2023

In January, we kicked off our 20th anniversary year by unveiling six new courts in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Somalia under our Built Within initiative – a commitment to build 100 courts across the continent. 


Bobo-Dioulasso, Stade Wobi in Burkina Faso was the first court revealed during the trip. The young boys and girls were eager to participate in the basketball clinic, and proudly expressed their pride and joy for their country.

With support from IAMGOLD and Vista Bank, a community that is brimming with talent and potential, received a new space for youth to come together and be inspired.

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Next, we went to Dagoretti High School in Nairobi, Kenya—the renowned school known to produce some of the best basketball players in the area. GOA coaches were excited to offer words of wisdom and encouragement, and even learned some new dance moves from the campers.

Thanks to Kensington Tours, the courts serve as a symbol of hope and transformation.

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In 2015, we built our first court at Diwopa, Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya. We were thrilled to return eight years later to rebuild the court with the help of local visual artist Edgar Kengara and support from 2K Foundations. 

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Our belief in providing equal opportunities to young women in sports led us to travel to Mogadishu, Somalia, to unveil a new court at Elman Peace Center in collaboration with Ilwad Elman. The experience was monumental and demonstrated that basketball promotes community-building and can inspire all youth, regardless of gender. 

Thanks to the support of the Jess & Scott Lake Foundation, young girls can develop their basketball skills and boost their self-confidence.

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The Umoja II court in Nairobi, Kenya, is a symbol of hope in the midst of the city’s sprawling urban landscape. This court has been affectionately dubbed the “Rucker Park of Kenya” as a result of the skilled players and teams that have competed. The court’s transformation was incredible, and we hope it continues to unite the community. 

A special thank you to Kensington Tours for their contribution.

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