The Drake Hotel: Can Sports Change The World?



The Drake Hotel hosted a number of parties during the Toronto International Film Festival. With private events, guest chefs and more, we were the west end festival destination. One party in particular celebrated the powerful, emotional and thought-provoking film Giants of Africa, which tells the story of a non-profit by the same name that started 13 years ago.

“Can sports change the world?” That is the question the film ponders as it explores the initiatives of Giants of Africa, which started in 2003 by Nigerian born Masai Ujiri, who is an example of how sport changed his world. Ujiri’s passion for basketball started in Nigeria and has developed into a career – he is now the Toronto Raptors president and general manager. Ujiri was aware of the talent in Africa, but with a lack of coaches and facilities, he knew many players would never gain the required experience to reach their potential, resulting in abandoned dreams. Drawing from his personal experiences, he started Giants of Africa to help players develop their potential, showcase their talents and dream big.

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