Senegal Day Three Highlights

Another day, another scorcher. As the sun rose in the morning, the campers and coaches were bussed to the beach for a warmup on the ocean.  With sand flying everywhere, everyone seemed to join in on the action, Masai included. Once back at the courts, the energy didn’t cease until close to sundown. The campers ran drills and some half court sets, in addition to playing in a series of hard fought games. As the day came to a close, we gathered for final words of inspiration from Masai and the coaches. Then came the moment that many of the kids had been anxiously awaiting – all-star selections. Those that were chosen couldn’t have been more proud, and those that weren’t, couldn’t have been more motivated to improve their game for next year. 
1392_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau1418_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau0813_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau
2074_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau
1749_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau 2183_GOA_Senegal_CampDay02_10082016_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau