Rwanda Day One Highlights

Rwanda is a country like no other. With winding roads and beautiful, bright and absolutely spotless buildings and scenery; the city of Kigali has become one of the most serene destinations in Africa. After an early morning flight, the team headed to Club Rafiki where we held mini-camp for the orphaned and under-privileged children in the area. The club was energized as young children and even local bystanders began crowding around the court to watch our coaches conduct drills and interact with the crowds. By the time the game had started there was barely room to stand around the court and the event took a carefree and entertaining direction with the Club Rafiki dancers performing,  as well as, a DJ playing a mix of upbeat and traditional african music. Our first day in Rwanda ended with a visit to the campers from Masai and some of our team, during which they talked with the eager kids and gave them words of wisdom and inspiration for the days ahead.