Opening Day of Making Peace Toronto 2017!

Making Peace Toronto 2017 Exhibition

We are proud to announce Giants of Africa as a partner in “Making Peace”, the largest and perhaps most important outdoor photographic exhibit of its kind in the world, here in Toronto last Saturday May 13th.

To date, Making Peace has been presented in 12 major cities including, Basel, Geneva, Leper, Strasbourg, Sarajevo, Utrecht, Tunis, and Stockholm at the prestigious Nobel Museum. This was the first ever North American showing. The exhibit showcases over 100 years of photography (124 photographs from 111 photographers) and pays tribute to the people across the globe who devote their time, energy and resources in the mission for peace.

The exhibit is open daily from 11am to 7pm until June 30th

While the outdoor exhibition is open 24/7 until Sept 24

Thank you Making Peace for including us with this inspirational event; the first of its kind in North America.