Nigeria Day Three Highlights

The third and last day of camp in Nigeria saw a lot of eager campers trying to impress coaches one last time. The camp started with warm up drills, once they were loose, you could see the determination and aggression in each camper when we began playing games. After a series of competitive 5-on-5 games, Godwin Owinje announced the top 10 players of the camp. Players that didn’t make the top 10 were encouraged to use this as motivation to practice harder, work on their craft and continue to grow and get better. Masai provided a speech to the campers and talked about finding ways to make a difference within Africa, telling the kids to, “Be a great basketball player, but be a greater person.” As always at the end of our camps, there was a group photo followed by an opportunity for campers to mingle with their peers and coaches.

With the camp coming to an end, the Giants of Africa team didn’t stop there. A short visit was arranged to Little Saints Orphanage, which was about one hour away from the National Stadium. Masai presented the orphanage home with a brand new basketball net, basketballs, t-shirts and a monetary donation as well. There were smiles all around and was a great way to conclude our stay in Nigeria. Our next stop on the schedule is Nairobi, Kenya.

0869_Nigeria_GOA_Day 03_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0501_Nigeria_GOA_Day 03_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

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