Nigeria Day One Highlights

This year in Lagos marks the 13th year that Giants of Africa has held camps in Nigeria. Campers arrived early in the morning at their dorm to receive all the gear for the next three days prior to walking over to the National Stadium for the beginning of camp. Due to a viewing party at the gym for the English premier league, the start of camp was delayed as staff worked vigorously to convert the gymnasium back to a basketball court setting. The campers waited patiently for the camp to begin inside the gym, while many hopeful young basketball players waited outside for a chance to be part of a last minute selection into the camp. Some lucky kids were accepted into the camp with Masai Ujiri and Mike Akuboh screening the candidates. The kids that didn’t get into the camp watched in the bleachers to soak in as much basketball knowledge as possible. When the camp started, the players showed a lot of enthusiasm and energy throughout the drills. This year’s campers are noticeably younger than previous years where most campers are between the ages of 14–17.

0004_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0248_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0341_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0459_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0821_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0863_GOA_Nigeria_Day 01_(C)Ke vinCouliau©Kevin Couliau