Nigeria Day Two Highlights

August 17, Nigeria

After going through a full day of camp, the coaches realized how raw some of the players were due to the lack of quality instruction in the country. The start of day two began with a strong focus on drills that helped to refine the fundamentals of basketball. As the campers went for lunch break, approximately 20 different media outlets were present at the National Stadium gym for a press conference. Masai stressed the importance of communicating to campers about health issues, punctuality, honesty, hand washing and respecting women. When they returned back on the court to play 5-on-5 games, the players were less nervous and were more comfortable playing games, while showcasing skills that were learned during drills. Some other highlights from the day included a visit and talk from Nigerian basketball legend Olumide Oyedeji. He was the first African player to be drafted outside of the United States in the NBA and his basketball career included playing for the Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics and playing pro basketball in 16 countries. To cap off day two, Masai’s mentor and former basketball coach Oliver Johnson (Coach OBJ) provided an inspirational speech to motivate the campers.

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