Masai Ujiri Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Ryerson University

Masai has been rewarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws from Ryerson University’s Faculty of Community Services for his work with Giants of Africa and the mission for peace and inspiration
of youth.

The event, which took place this evening had Masai speak to his accomplishments in both the NBA and with Giants of Africa. As the first African-born executive VP and now GM/President of an NBA team, Masai has used his position to enlighten, inspire and motivate those around him in the search for a more peaceful world.

“My dream is for the world to be a much more peaceful place because yes,
Mandela is my dream”

During his speech, Ujiri spoke of his own journey and education, as well as his vision for youth in Africa and around the world. In light of such an honour he stated that, “I wake up and I pinch myself and say to myself – I am blessed”.