La Loche Students Final Day in Toronto

“One seed can make a thousand trees.”

On their final day in Toronto, the La Loche youth met Sol Guy, founder of creative launchpad – DAIS. The group toured the DAIS townhouse – a safe, collaborative, creative space for artists in the heart of the city.  Sol spoke to the group about the process of storytelling, his personal experiences as a contributor to the Standing Rock movement, and the importance of youth empowerment. He urged these inspiring students to express themselves and share their personal stories with the world via their passions. After checking out the innovative work space and production facility, the group had a chance to express themselves by jamming together in the music studio.

Following their time at DAIS , the group jumped back on the bus and made their way across the city to the Air Canada Centre to watch the Raptors take on the Knicks. During the national anthems, the 12 members from La Loche participated in waving a giant Canadian flag with pride. At half time, the team met with the Chairman of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Larry Tannenbaum, where he welcomed the group to Toronto.

Following a meet and greet, the group received a tour of the Raptors’ locker room. The game ended with the Raptors defeating the Knicks 116-101. Principal, Greg Hatch was convinced that the kids from up north delivered some good luck for the Raptors who were 2-0 during the two games the La Loche group attended. Following the Raptors game, the group hit the court for a final group photo. Afterwards, the La Loche group said their goodbyes to everyone that was with them over the last 4 days and proceeded to the airport to fly back home. It was a bittersweet feeling for everyone to see the group go home as they were so inspiring to be around, but the youth expressed their excitement in sharing the experience with their community.