Kenya Day Two Highlights

After leaving Brookhouse School, the team was in high spirits celebrating the ending of a successful first day of camp. The next morning, the team woke early and arrived at Brookhouse just before 9am to a gym already filled with campers warming up. 50 kids dribbling, shooting and practicing their footwork create a thunderous opening to our second day. Camp begins with a piercing whistle and sudden silence, followed by the 1, 2 clap routine. The kids remove their Kenya Dreams Big shirts and work together to form lines in order of tallest to shortest, when asked questions today it is evident that the kids are more confident then the previous day, as their voices are louder and more powerful.

0020_Kenya_GOA_Day 02_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0320_Kenya_GOA_Day 02_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

Alumni Ryan Otsimi is present again and lending a helping hand to encourage some of the more inexperienced kids; making his way throughout the court and stations. The morning consisted of drills and placing the kids in stations to develop their footwork and skills that many lack the training for. Throughout the first two days of camp, our coaches can already see the different skill levels and begin strengthening the campers – these stations give each camper an opportunity to understand and play each position. After drills, the kids were separated into teams and asked to come up with a team name and cheer to foster camaraderie and build their presentation skills and confidence. Before lunch, the campers were taken outside and asked to participate in “The Impossible Catch” ball toss challenge. The activity was a big hit with lots of effort and excitement from the kids and some humour as they danced, sang and drummed on the basketballs to gain early leave for lunch.

0413_Kenya_GOA_Day 02_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

After lunch, the coaches clinic was held – this is where both foreign and local coaches for GOA come together and discuss the game, skills and teachings sharing positive and educational information within the group. The entire focus of this clinic is to create trust and understanding between the coaches, as well as foster a positive relationship. The day wrapped up with campers playing games against each other, while other groups focused on drills outside in the field and were personally taught how to properly complete vital exercises in a gym setting.

1296_Kenya_GOA_Day 02_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau0788_Kenya_GOA_Day 02_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

The last half of the day was also a time for interviews as Masai took part in a one-on-one with Kwese Sports on KTV and another one during the final hours of camp with Whats Good TV. Masai then spoke to the kids and reiterated some of the lessons learned in camp, then asked Coach OBJ to speak as well. The second day of camp wrapped up and the kids began to show great promise for the third and final day of camp.