Kenya Day Three Highlights

This morning was special for the GOA team as we travelled outside of the city to visit Mully Children’s Family, an incredible organization which saves, protects, houses, nurtures and teaches over 2,500 orphaned children. Some children here are as young as 2 months old. Many young girls and women in the organizations have been saved from a life of abuse and forced drugs and prostitution and given a home with a loving and beautiful family and given an education. Each child at Mully’s is loved and accepted fully by their brothers and sisters, including Charles’ own biological children.

0045_Kenya_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau1277_Kenya_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

This is the first time Masai has visited MCF and it was one of the highlights of our time here in Kenya as we grew closer to a wonderful cause through our community outreach initiatives. Masai spoke to each classroom at the first location (Yatta) and conveyed words of wisdom and hope to the kids. The crew travelled to the second MCF location (Ndalani), which was about 25 minutes from the first, and was home to Charles and his wife as well as many of the children. During our time there we heard many amazing stories about the kids and Mulli’s life, and had the pleasure of watching a stunning performance by some of the older kids. MCF is truly a beautiful and life changing experience and left the entire team feeling inspired and humble.

0312_Kenya_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

After some special words from Masai to the kids, we headed back to join our team at the gym to watch the final few games, as well as the All Star selection and All Star game. The final day of camp was just as energetic and exciting as the first, and the new skills learned were put to good use in the All Star game. The camp closed with Masai speaking to the kids, reiterating our messages and even pulling each coach up to the front and explaining each of their humble origins, and how they came to be the success stories they are today. After taking a group photograph and speaking with the kids for the last few moments, the camp came to a bittersweet close as the team prepares for Rwanda.

0592_Kenya_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

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