Kenya Day One Highlights

Waking up early on Saturday, the team met for breakfast and talked over the plan for the day, which included our annual outreach trip. Energy was high and everyone was feeling excited to start our third year of camps in Kenya. Jumping on a bus, we travelled to Kibera, the largest slum in all Nairobi and home to upwards of 170,000 people. On the border of Kibera near an entrance of tall mud shacks and debris is a clear and clean space equipped with a large soccer field and a basketball court built and donated by Giants of Africa in 2016. The team arrived at the court at around 9:30am and saw lots of kids already playing and cleaning dust and dirt from the playing surface. Some of the coaches and Masai helped the kids side by side clearing the court for the upcoming drills and games.

0857_Kenya_GOA_Day 01_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

1445_Kenya_GOA_Day 01_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

As the coaches began the drills and motivated the kids, Masai took part in several interviews from local and national media stations explaining our mission and our purpose in Kibera that day. There were around 100 kids ranging in age and from several places and ranged anywhere from 4 to 15 years old and their energy was electric. After Kibera, the team travelled directly to Brookhouse School where we had lunch and set up for the campers arrival. 2015 Alumni and one of the characters from the Giants of Africa film, Ryan Otsimi also made a special appearance and interviewed alongside Masai on NTV Sports show.

0232_Kenya_GOA_Day 01_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

By the end of the day, the campers gathered for an impromptu dunk competition with the new campers competing against each other and Ryan. Even Masai took part in the competition with a little help from his coaches. The final moments of camp were truly special as the coaches congratulated the kids on a positive first day and encouraged them to rest and relax as the next two days promise lots of hard work and fun.

0566_Kenya_GOA_Day 01_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0756_Kenya_GOA_Day 01_(C)Kev inCouliau©Kevin Couliau




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