The Hera Mission & Giants of Africa Host Film Screening with Special Guests





On Monday September 18, 2017, Giants of Africa partnered with the HERA Mission of Canada to host the Ottawa Premiere of the Giants of Africa film. Presented by Investors Group, the screening was held at Landsdowne VIP Cineplex in Ottawa with guests including members of the African Diplomatic Community, as well as Ugandan born Ottawa Fury players Awake Luboyera and Sophas Kaweke. The event was hosted by Peggy Taillon, President and Founder of HERA Mission.


“This film has to be seen, its powerful, both raw and hopeful.” Masai is showing my son, who is Kenyan born, a path to make his own mark in HERA through sport.” – Peggy Taillon

“Masai is my hero, not because he’s the GM of my favourite team, because of how he keeps his promise and his connection to Africa through something he is passionate about. He has shown me how I can do that too.” – Devlin Taillon


About the HERA Mission

HERA collaborates with, takes direction from and fundraises for Asembo Bay Women for Development. The group consists of women leaders in the village of Asembo Bay committed to building greater prosperity and opportunities for orphaned children, widows, grandmothers and great grandmothers (Danis) after the devastating impact of HIV, TB, AIDS and Malaria transformed the village, leaving hundreds struggling in poverty.