Giants of Africa Film Wins The Canadian Screen Award for Best Editing!


For the first time in our history – Giants of Africa shared a real-life experience of our mission in Africa through an emotional and stunning documentary. TIFF marked the first official viewing of the film and on Friday, April 7th, it will be released with Cineplex Event Cinema.

We are proud to announce that Giants of Africa has won the Canadian Screen Award for best Editing in a feature length documentary by our editor Dave De Carlo! The film also garnered a Canadian Screen Award nominations for cinematography – (Director of Photography, Chris Romeike) This is a truly special day as we celebrate this award and nomination and thank our supporters – without which we could not continue to grow our mission in Africa.

Special congratulations to Dave De Carlo – Editor, Giants of Africa Documentary on your Canadian Screen Award for Best Editing for Feature Documentary.

“Although I wasn’t on the ambitious film shoot, in going through the hundreds of hours of footage that were so skillfully captured by Hubert and his production team, I felt an enormous responsibility. I distinctly remember the first time that I saw the footage of Peter practicing without a basketball on the balcony. I was so inspired. It must have been two or three in the morning, but I immediately emailed a QuickTime file to Hubert and cinematographer Chris Romeike. “This clip right here is why I love working with you boys.” It is such a truly breathtaking, magical moment.”