Ghana Day Three Highlights

Immediately after the campers assembled on the court this morning, Coach Patrick Engelbrecht set things off with a low-key but powerful speech, reminding the kids about everything they learned yesterday. “Remember what you’ve been taught and carry it over with you into the day and into the games. You’ll see the progression.” And did we ever. For the rest of the day, the kids had a look of focus and intensify in their eyes that was absent yesterday.  

After Coach Patrick finished his address, the campers were ushered outdoors for a bit of a surprise – a warm-up on the soccer pitch, located just outside of the gym. The session was a combination of traditional warm-up exercises and games involving a soccer ball. Smiles and laughter echoed throughout the field. It was a nice change of pace for everyone. 

Before the campers headed out for a much deserved lunch break, Coach took another opportunity to encourage them. “Everything looks better today. You guys are listening. You guys are doing a great job coaching each other and holding yourselves accountable. That’s how the game evolves.”

The afternoon involved one hard fought game after another. The coaches continued to use every opportunity to reinforce the skills they had been teaching. When it came time for all-star selections, the coaches were in agreement about who deserved to make the cut. Once the game got underway, the players seemed to leave every last ounce of energy on the floor, a fact that was reflected in the final outcome, which came down to the wire. 

Looking back at this camp, the overall level of skill was a drastic improvement over last year’s. We have every expectation that we’ll see even greater strides the next time we return to Ghana. 

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After the final day an impromptu dunk contest broke out & ended like this…


“Being big” is a skill that that can be learned like anything else. Coach Fall breaks it down.