Day 3 Kenya 2017 Recap

The third and final day at the Giants of Africa camp in Kenya began with a welcome surprise. When the coaches walked into the gym, the players were fully engaged in drills organized by the local coaches. They had already been practicing for over an hour before camp officially began. The extra work paid dividends during the morning games as the competition level reached a Kenyan camp high. During this time, Masai and a small Giants of Africa crew traveled to Dadaab – the largest refugee camp in the world. The team had the chance to witness a game between local Red Cross workers and a few Dadaab youth. Giants of Africa made a donation to the youth of clothing, shoes and basketballs, before heading off to tour some of the Red Cross facilities within the Dadaab. The crew met with locals and visited a Red Cross hospital, school and home within the camp. Following the trip to Dadaab, the crew rejoined the full Giants of African team at Brookhouse School to close out the last day of camp. The afternoon session saw special guest Luol Deng of the Los Angeles Lakers surprise the kids with a visit and inspirational talk about his journey from Africa to the NBA.  The kids used that motivational moment for a spirited afternoon of ball handling drills and a plethora of 5 on 5 games.  Somehow, the kids mustered up enough energy for a camp-wide dance to close it out – a fitting conclusion for a country battling political problems.  Kenya does indeed dream big.