Daily Recap – Senegal Tour

August 7th

As the Giants of Africa team continues to assemble in Senegal, we spent the morning visiting some of the most beautiful sites that Dakar has to offer. The Soumbidioun Market, Marché Sandaga and The African Renaissance Monument. After lunch, out of nowhere, who do we run into none other than but Mr. Finger-Wag himself, Dikembe Mutombo. We capped the day off with a visit to Gorée Island. Over a period of four centuries, millions of slaves were shipped across the Atlantic from here. It was truly a moving experience. Big shout out to The Colonel for a tour that we’ll never forget. 

GOA_3593©Kevin Couliau GOA_3853©Kevin Couliau GOA_3864©Kevin Couliau
GOA_4147©Kevin Couliau GOA_4200©Kevin Couliau

GOA_3982©Kevin Couliau