Nigeria Day Two Highlights

August 17, Nigeria After going through a full day of camp, the coaches realized how raw some of the players were due to the lack of quality instruction in th... Read More

Nigeria Day One Highlights

This year in Lagos marks the 13th year that Giants of Africa has held camps in Nigeria. Campers arrived early in the morning at their dorm to receive all the ge... Read More

Ghana Day Three Highlights

Immediately after the campers assembled on the court this morning, Coach Patrick Engelbrecht set things off with a low-key but powerful speech, reminding the ki... Read More

Ghana Day Two Highlights

August 14 – Ghana The first day of camp in Ghana brought a few familiar faces from last summer, along with a fair bit of new talent. But old and new alike, eve... Read More

Ghana Day One Highlights

Despite arriving in Accra late last night, we had to be up at sunrise to drive to the Village of Hope in rural Ghana. As soon as we arrived, we realized that th... Read More

Senegal Day Three Highlights

Another day, another scorcher. As the sun rose in the morning, the campers and coaches were bussed to the beach for a warmup on the ocean.  With sand flying eve... Read More

Senegal Day Two Highlights

August 9th The morning started off with a wide-eyed and eager group of campers ready to attack the court. Adding to the excitement was the appearance of NBA le... Read More

Senegal Day One Highlights

Senegal Camp Day 1 The team took a bus out of Dakar this morning to the Seeds Academy in Thiès. Despite a language barrier, our shared love of basketball was o... Read More

Daily Recap – Senegal Tour

August 7th As the Giants of Africa team continues to assemble in Senegal, we spent the morning visiting some of the most beautiful sites that Dakar has to offe... Read More

Masai Ujiri, CO-FOUNDER

Masai Ujiri is the first and only African-born President and General Manager of a professional sports franchise in North America – the National Basketball Assoc... Read More