Botswana Day Three Highlights

The final day of camp, and our final country has arrived. The morning is hectic as some of the team prepares to leave for the airport at 4:30am, the rest stays ... Read More

Botswana Day Two Highlights

  Our second day in Botswana ran smoothly with the bulk of the day dedicated to the campers with careful instruction and focus placed on increasing the skill... Read More

Botswana Day One Highlights

“Dear Athletes – today is about you this is a celebration of your talent – of who you are and who you are going to become” Botswana is different fr... Read More

Rwanda Day Three Highlights

One thing we learn on this trip is that each country differs in their strengths and weaknesses and Rwanda, although skilled, lacks aggressiveness on the court. ... Read More

Rwanda Day Two Highlights

Thirty-two degrees and sunny. Rwanda mornings are beautiful, with much less traffic than Nairobi - the Giants of Africa team arrives at the gym in just 10 minut... Read More

Rwanda Day One Highlights

Rwanda is a country like no other. With winding roads and beautiful, bright and absolutely spotless buildings and scenery; the city of Kigali has become one of ... Read More

Kenya Day Three Highlights

This morning was special for the GOA team as we travelled outside of the city to visit Mully Children’s Family, an incredible organization which saves, protects... Read More

Kenya Day Two Highlights

After leaving Brookhouse School, the team was in high spirits celebrating the ending of a successful first day of camp. The next morning, the team woke early an... Read More

Kenya Day One Highlights

Waking up early on Saturday, the team met for breakfast and talked over the plan for the day, which included our annual outreach trip. Energy was high and every... Read More

Nigeria Day Three Highlights

The third and last day of camp in Nigeria saw a lot of eager campers trying to impress coaches one last time. The camp started with warm up drills, once they we... Read More

Nigeria Day Two Highlights

August 17, Nigeria After going through a full day of camp, the coaches realized how raw some of the players were due to the lack of quality instruction in th... Read More