Giants of Africa Doc

Charles Bassey, A True MVP

A youth coach discovered Bassey at 12, selling fried chickens by the side of the road. Already up around six and a half feet tall, he was wearing flip-flo... Read More

NBA Africa Luncheon Gallery

On Saturday February 13th, The Toronto Raptors hosted the NBA Africa Luncheon event at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The event was attended by influencers, and bu... Read More

Oliver Johnson

OLIVER JOHNSON, COACH In many ways an iconoclast, Coach Oliver Johnson has never been afraid to carve his own path in pursuit of positive change. Born ... Read More

Lino Wol

LINO WOL, 2015 CAMPER With an infectious sense of awe, wonder and joy, Lino attended his first Giants of Africa camp in the summer of 2015. A 15-ye... Read More

Peter Amebgor

PETER AMEBGOR, 2015 CAMPER Poetic and philosophical, Peter possesses a maturity well beyond his 19-years of age. He is quiet in demeanour and wise ... Read More

Ryan Otsimi

RYAN OTSIMI, 2015 CAMPER Born in Kenya, Ryan possesses a profound and insatiable love of basketball. With a deeply moving backstory, he demonstrates re... Read More

Sodiq Awogbemi

SODIQ AWOGBEMI, 2015 CAMPER As a shy boy, Sodiq felt an inexplicable attraction to basketball. Initially, he would linger meekly on the sidelines, ... Read More

Masai Ujiri, CO-FOUNDER

Masai Ujiri is the first and only African-born President and General Manager of a professional sports franchise in North America – the National Basketball Assoc... Read More