Botswana Day Two Highlights


Our second day in Botswana ran smoothly with the bulk of the day dedicated to the campers with careful instruction and focus placed on increasing the skills that we went over the previous day. The campers, who were selected all over Botswana varied in basketball experience and lack the fundamental training and skills that will help them truly progress. To level the playing field, the GOA coaches decided to divide the campers into two groupings based on skill set. Campers with more experience and campers that have recently been introduced to the game. This allowed the campers to develop alongside others that shared a similar skill set. The 8 local coaches also played a large role in motivating the campers.
By the end of the day, the kids showed great improvement during 5-on-5 games and participated in Masai’s exercises with more excitement and energy.
While the city of Gaborone seems westernized, the landscape is distinctly African with wild animals and beautiful mountainous countryside. After some traditional African food and some time to unwind, the group returned to the hotel ready for the final day of camp and the all-star game.

0093_Botswana_GOA_Day 01_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

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GOA 2016 – Botswana – Day 02 Highlight from Giants of Africa on Vimeo.