Botswana Day One Highlights

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“Dear Athletes – today is about you this is a celebration of your talent – of who you are and who you are going to become”

Botswana is different from every other country in that we had access to a brand new 3000 person stadium, complete with an untouched basketball court. With towering ceilings, bright lights, multiple camera men and a jumbotron, the stadium has never been used before our Giants of Africa camp.

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Before the camp begins, there is an inaugural presentation, during which the Minister of Sports, and other special guests all spoke to the kids and those watching in the stands. Beginning with an inspirational message to the campers, the speeches focused on the wealth of passion and energy in Botswana and the promise that even if resources are scarce in some places, there should never be a child that wants to be something, but is held back, “Our vision is to help you become the best you can ever be – regardless of access to resources”. The speeches concluded thanking our team for choosing Botswana as a stop on our tour and an inaugural game. Afterward, a spirited exhibition game took place between the MYSC All-Stars and Botswana Legends, as well as a game played by our very own coaches against the MYSC All-Stars.

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Following the game, campers were called to action by our coaches who ran through a variety of drills and skill stations with the campers for the remainder of the day. The youth here is very passionate and excited, but lacked skills and basic training – something we will be working on more heavily in the coming days before the all-star game.

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