Sportsnet: Raptors’ Ujiri celebrates the success and future growth of Giants of Africa



Masai Ujiri starts to direct traffic like he’s one of his point guards dictating screen and roll options.

“You can go in the back, you can go in the front with the driver, she can stay in the middle with me,” he instructs a group into a black SUV. It’s a summer night in Toronto and Masai has had a hand in directing things all week ahead of the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his “Giants of Africa” documentary tonight. Getting the film shot, completed and entered in the world renowned festival was a two-year process.

“What a night, what a night,” he says as he sinks back into the black interior leather and rubs his eyes. As soon as his right hand leaves his eyes it reaches for his wife Ramatu’s hand beside him. Shortly after the left hand reaches across his body to grab the phone. No rest for the weary.


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