Rwanda Day Three Highlights

One thing we learn on this trip is that each country differs in their strengths and weaknesses and Rwanda, although skilled, lacks aggressiveness on the court. After Jama and Masai’s words of wisdom the night before, the campers have showed signs of improvement.

“They are almost too nice playing the game, but when we put pressure on them, to play more fiercely, they improved” – Jama M.

After lunch, Masai and some of the team took to the streets to explore some scenic locations in the city. Winding through the hills, we arrived at a beautiful cobblestone road surrounded by shops and small houses with a breathtaking view of the city. Everywhere in this city has something different and new, while everyone is extremely gentle and friendly. Even children stop to say hello, or watch us set up and walk with us down the streets. After capturing a few photos, we headed back to the car to continue climbing the mountain, when Masai spotted a young man wearing a Reggie Miller jersey. The man was kind enough to take a picture and Masai wished Reggie Miller a happy birthday as it was coincidentally his birthday today. Masai found it amazing to see this type of NBA support throughout Africa.

0074_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0140_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

Arriving back at the stadium just in time to watch the final games. The team is busy setting up for group photos in the Stadium, while the coaches pay close attention to each player, making their selections for the All-Star game. With both teams tied at the end of regulation, the final game of 5-on-5 was pushed into a one minute overtime with the blue team edging the white team by 2 points. After the game, the campers sat in their lines and waited for Godwin to announce the all-stars of the camp. Once the campers were selected, the all-star game commenced and was viewed by children and visitors from around the area and in the next gym. After the All-Star game, Masai spoke to the kids, again reiterating what was taught during the first days and wrapping up the camp with a loud cheer by all of the campers and coaches.

0805_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau

0773_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau0340_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau 0342_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau 0494_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau 0973_Rwanda_GOA_Day 03_©KevinCouliau©Kevin Couliau