Saturday morning began at the Science Discovery Zone at Ryerson University. Third and Fifth year biochemistry students amazed the class with various experiments and demonstrations. They used science to make their own ice cream, and turned pennies from bronze to silver and gold! Students then learned the mechanics of Virtual Reality, and even had the opportunity to test out a number of VR scenarios themselves!

The afternoon was all about visiting Toronto’s hottest tour spots. After a photo-op in front of the big Canada sign, the students made their way up the speedy elevator ride of the CN Tower. The brisk winds didn’t stop them from enjoying the full 360 tour over 1,400 feet above the city.

The next stop on the tour was Ripley’s Aquarium. The students were amazed by all the unique sea creatures and beautiful colours and imagery found in the aquarium. They strolled in awe throughout the Rainbow Reef, Ray Bay, and Planet Jellies, to name a few.

Day two culminated with a team dinner and night walk in the city. What a perfect day it was to tour the city!