2017 Senegal Camp Day 2

 Day 2 of camp on the outdoor courts here in Dakar, Senegal was hot in so many different ways. First, once the morning clouds lifted the sun came with fury. So much so it forced the group to adjust it’s normal schedule and give the entire camp a 3 hour break during the sun’s peak time. Following the break, the campers returned to action on the court with games getting underway immediately. The competition was heated, with the young men displaying skill, athleticism and intensity. While the ladies brought aggression and passion to their contests. However, as the day went on, fatigue started setting in. During the final life skill session of the day, Masai Ujiri felt the energy coming down and used it as an opportunity to bring a fiery message to the camp. “You have to change Africa!” Ujiri yelled during his address to the campers, setting the tone for the final day of camp tomorrow. Should be another hot one.