2017 Ivory Coast Day 2 Recap

Day 2 in Abidjan began with an address from Masai Ujiri stating, “No more translations”. He asked the local coach to stop translating his speech from English to French, something that had been done during the first day of camp. With French being the Ivory Coast’s official language, you can easily assume there would be a language barrier and challenge to communicate the message from the coaches to the campers – not for Masai. Rebound, pass, and shoot, that is universal when you step on that hardwood floor. As the day unfolded, the campers here in Abidjan showed that they understood loud and clear. With each drill and scrimmage you saw improvement. So regardless if you speak English, or if you speak French, when you have a basketball in your hands, these kids proved that no matter where you are from – basketball is the universal language.